Tarek Qunber – Design Manager , Actavo

  • Currently employed by Actavo (formerly Sierra) to manage the design of SIRO’s fibre to the home network, and heading the design bid by Actavo for the joint SSE/ENET for the National Broadband Plan.

    Previously engaged by the European Commission project manage the design and construction of Next Gen Telecommunications networks in Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus, under the aegis of EC Framework contract.



    Title: The Challenges of Delivering the National Broadband Plan

    Synopsis: I will be presenting the audience with some of the baseline difficulties that we have had so far in designing (ergo construction) of the National Broadband network. Describing the technical difficulties and limitations set out by both the Department and Eir (as the infrastructure carrier).

    I will illustrate some typical construction activities that usually provide most difficulty for this type of construction:

    • Mole Ploughing
    • Pole erection
    • Way leaving


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