Graeme Hannah MEng MIEMA CEnv – BRE Programme Director, Centre for Resilience

    • Graeme Hannah MEng MIEMA CEnv – BRE Programme Director, Centre for Resilience's presentations

    Graeme Hannah is a Programme Director at BRE, working across the BRE Group in the UK and internationally. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and full IEMA member, as well as a BREEAM AP. Graeme is also a former Young Leader within Scotland’s 2050 Climate Change group and a member of the Construction Industry Council Flood Mitigation and Resilience panel. He currently leads BRE’s Centre for Resilience programme which addresses recommendations from the DEFRA published Property Flood Resilience Action Plan to support the uptake of resilience measures through developing and implementing standards, certifications and skills to establish consumer confidence in products, people and services.



    Title: Flood Resilience for the Built Environment

    Synopsis: Climate change can have significant implications for the built environment, with increasing risk and impacts for energy, transport, ICT, infrastructure and buildings. Analysis indicates that the built environment will be increasingly affected by extreme weather events, and that incidence and severity of flooding will increase with higher temperatures and changing rainfall patterns. The impacts of flooding can be swift and devastating, and property resilience to flood risk events is nowhere near adequate at present – so what actions are we taking to address this?


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